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May 12, 2023 IR
FY2023/12 Q1 Results Briefing Q&A PDF(PDF 118KB)


Apr 28, 2023 IR
FY2023/12 Q1 Results Briefing Web-conference Material PDF(PDF 3043KB)
Apr 28, 2023 IR
Summary of Consolidated Financial Statements for the First Quarter of Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2023 PDF(PDF 404KB)


Mar 24, 2023 IR
Notice of Resolutions of The 20th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders PDF(PDF 172KB)
Mar 24, 2023 IR
Extraordinary Report PDF(PDF 149KB)
Mar 20, 2023 News Release
Forming a Capital and Business Partnership with a Manufacturer of Battery Systems for Industrial Vehicles PDF(PDF 408KB)
Mar 15, 2023 News Release
Awarded the Highest Rating from CDP in Three Environmental Fields Inclusion in the Supplier Engagement Leaderboard 2022 PDF(PDF 72KB)
Mar 02, 2023 News Release
Relief measures for earthquakes in Southeastern Turkey PDF(PDF 172KB)
Mar 01, 2023 News Release
Market Release of the NATRUS+e W Automatic Door Equipped with New Functions to Contribute to Environmental Conservation and Barrier-Free Environments PDF(PDF 489KB)
Mar 01, 2023 News Release
Acquiring the World’s First ABS CyberSafety® Product Design Assessment (PDA) Certification for Marine Vessel Engine Remote Control Systems PDF(PDF 506KB)

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