Automatic Doors and Platform Screen Doors

The Premium Global Supplier of Automatic Doors and Platform Doors

Nabtesco provides innovative and high-quality Pedestrian Flow Solutions that create a more comfortable, efficient and barrier-free environment for everyday life. We uniquely serve all the four major global markets; Japan, Europe, North America and China, under the well- established brand names of NABCO, GILGEN, and we are the top supplier in Japan and Switzerland.

Making the most of our outstanding reliability and service system, Nabtesco supplies automatic doors and platform doors that are friendly and considerate to all who encounter them.
We hold roughly a 55% (Nabtesco’s estimate) share of the domestic market, and about a 20% (Nabtesco’s estimate) share of the global market, for automatic doors for buildings. We have established ourselves as one of the world’s leading automatic door manufacturers by uniquely serving all the four major automatic door global markets; Japan, the US, Europe, and China.


Social Value Provided by the Business

  • We help to reduce environmental impacts by providing energy-efficient automatic doors that discern differences in the movements of pedestrians to avoid unnecessary opening and closing.
  • Our platform doors provide safety, comfort, and a sense of security to passengers while also helping to keep trains running on time.

Main Products

Automatic Doors for Buildings/Industrial Use

GILGEN doors: Westside Shopping and Leisure Centre in Switzerland

Automatic Doors for Buildings/Industrial Use

We provide high-quality, reliable automatic doors based on state-of-the-art technology. These doors are used at a wide range of places, such as office buildings and public and commercial facilities. We have a proven track record also with industrial sites, such as factories and waste treatment facilities.

Automatic Platform Gates

GILGEN platform gates (bijou®): Paris Metro Lines 1 and 13

Automatic Platform Gates

Automatic platform gates are now an essential element of ensuring passenger safety at railway stations. Demand for these gates is expanding not only in Japan but also in Europe, the US, and Asia. Nabtesco’s combined global market share for automatic platform gates and railway platform screen doors (full-height type) is approximately 20% (Nabtesco’s estimate) and we are particularly successfully operating in the developed markets of Japan, Europe, and Hong Kong.

Platform Screen Doors (Full-height Type)

Taipei Metro Zhonghe–Xinlu Line

Platform Screen Doors (Full-height Type)

Platform screen doors (full-height type) help ensure passenger safety on railway platforms. These doors also contribute to blocking strong train winds and improve air conditioning efficiency, and enable unmanned operation of new transportation systems.

Detailed Information and Inquiries Related to Automatic Doors and Platform Screen Doors

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