Wireless Power and Charging Systems

Wireless Power and Charging Systems

Contributing to Accelerating the Shift to Automated and Unmanned Logistics and Transportation

Recent years have seen an ever-increasing demand for AGVs*1and AMRs*2in the fields of logistics and transportation. Besides these technologies, autonomous drones and service robots are also predicted to have increasingly wide applications in the near future.

Taking advantage of its strategic partnership with WiBotic Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of wireless power and charging systems, Nabtesco provides efficient and safe automatic charging systems, which are essential for the completely autonomous operation of the above devices, thereby contributing to accelerating the shift to automated and unmanned logistics and transportation.

  • *1AGV: Automated Guided Vehicle
  • *2AMR: Autonomous Mobile Robot

Social Value Provided by the Business

  • Nabtesco’s wireless power and charging systems enable the complete automation of transportation, both outdoors and indoors, thereby contributing to improved productivity.
  • We promote the unmanned operation of drones, service robots and other technologies, thereby helping solve labor shortages.

Main Products

CMFS (Condition Monitoring system with Fail-Safe)

Wireless Power and Charging Systems

Reliable charging hardware and flexible control software cater to a wide range of robot batteries and can maximize battery life.

Product Mix

  1. (1)Transmitters
    Devices that convert AC power into high-frequency power, with output power of 150 W and 300 W. They can wirelessly send electricity to receiving antennae when connected to sending antennae.
  2. (2)Onboard Chargers (OC)
    Devices that convert high-frequency power into DC power to charge batteries etc., with output power of 150 W, 250 W and 300 W. Waterproof and high-current types are also available.
  3. (3)Antennae
    Devices that wirelessly send and receive electricity.
  4. (4)Control Panel Software
    Browser-based software that allows the user to check system information and change settings in real-time using a PC or other device. It can be incorporated into customers’ existing systems.

Detailed Information and Inquiries Related to Wireless Power and Charging Systems

For more information, inquiries, quote requests, etc. about this business, please visit Nabtesco’s special website on Wireless Power and Charging Systems.