Disclosure Policy

1. Basic position on information disclosure

Nabtesco Corporation pledges it will continue to reinforce its sense of ethics and highly transparent business activities as one of the company’s five promises to shareholders and investors. In investor relations (IR) activities, Nabtesco will carry out this promise, aiming to disclose information on the company in a fair and accurate manner.

2.Guidelines on information disclosure

Nabtesco discloses information on the company in line with the Securities and Exchange Law, other laws, ordinances, regulations and information-disclosure rules stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) where the company’s stock is listed.

The company also discloses information which is deemed to have impact on investment decisions by shareholders and investors, even if the information is not subject to disclosure under the above-mentioned rules and laws.

3.Method for information disclosure

If information is found subject to disclosure under disclosure rules set by the TSE, the company releases the information via TDnet, an information notification system established by the TSE.

Information disclosure by the company also takes the form of the issuance of press releases, the holding of briefing sessions to securities analysts regarding the company’s business results, meetings with media representatives, and the compilation of various publicly released documents such as reports on financial results and annual reports. Through these means, information on our company is to be disseminated to a wide range of quarters.

Furthermore, as much information subject to disclosure as possible will be posted on our company’s website.

*However, the posting of information subject to disclosure on the website may be delayed for various reasons.Moreover, the website may not post all of the information subject to disclosure, while information posted on the website may be described in different wording from the information initially disclosed.

*As for information disclosed via the Website, please read the exemption clause regarding information disclosure.

4.Ideas behind the release of future business estimates

Among information being disclosed by the company in line with information disclosure rules, future business plans, goals and projections are based on various preconditions. Therefore, figures and policy measures listed in regard with such plans, goals and projections do not necessarily indicate that all these figures and measures will always be achieved, or that their implementation will be guaranteed under any circumstances. We are prepared to provide as much explanation as possible about these preconditions and uncertain factors. However, it is investors and shareholders themselves who must make their own final investment decisions on their own responsibility.