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A broad range of foods, beverages, cleaning supplies, chemicals and other products are available in retort pouch packaging and as refills. Because these products are lightweight, easy to use, and extremely hygienic, they are becoming broadly popular among consumers throughout the world. Nabtesco has many years of experience in providing automated weighing equipment, packaging machines, packaging-related systems, and even entire packaging plants, which are required for fillers/sealers. We are therefore supporting the manufacture of products that provide added convenience in Japan and abroad.

Nabtesco developed the world’s first rotary packaging machine that integrated a series of filling and packaging processes into one line in 1970. Since then, the company has supplied a broad range of packaging machines to various industries. At present, we hold a share of approximately 85% (Nabtesco’s estimate) of the Japanese market for automatic fillers/sealers for retort-pouch foods.

Social Value Provided by the Business

  • We contribute to reduce food loss by providing packaging machines that adapt to small, individual units of packaging and help prolong the shelf life of food products.
  • Recently, we have provided high value-added fillers/sealers by incorporating a range of inspection devices, such as X-ray and infrared cameras, thereby contributing to food safety.
  • By using refillable pouches instead of bottles as containers for chemical products, we will help to cut the use of plastic for such containers by 80%.

Main Products

Super High-Speed Automatic Filler/Sealer

Super High-Speed Automatic Filler/Sealer

A high-speed automatic continuous motion filler/sealer that delivers high performance in a compact space. This equipment is not only used for retort pouch foods but also for soups, sauces, and other food products as well as liquid-detergent refills. It helps to reduce the costs of mass production.

High-speed Automatic Filler/Sealer

High-speed Automatic Filler/Sealer

This ten-process rotary filler/sealer can be used to pack a range of foods, including not only liquids but also products containing both liquid and solid substances. Moreover, this machine allows the filling and sealing of two bags at the same time. This means it has the production capacity equivalent to that of two conventional machines, but takes only the floor space and support equipment for one. Further, a range of test equipment can be mounted on the machine. The filler/sealer also supports deaeration using steam.

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