Aircraft Equipment

For Safer and More Comfortable Air Travel

Airplanes fly through the skies across the world every day, and the global civil aviation market is expected to continue expanding as globalization progresses.
Nabtesco provides major aircraft manufacturers with a variety of quality aircraft equipment, and is recognized as a global leader in flight control components and systems, which are the core components of aircraft control. We also provide aftermarket sales, technical support, and customer service to airlines worldwide.

Capitalizing on the wealth of expertise and years of experience acquired through domestic and international programs of hydraulic and high-quality production technologies, we are supporting the safety of air travel and helping passengers to fly in comfort and with a sense of security.
When it comes to flight-control actuation systems, Nabtesco has an almost 100% share for aircraft made in Japan.

Social Value Provided by the Business

  • Nabtesco contributes to the safe operation of aircraft and the comfortable travel of large numbers of people by supplying highly reliable and safe aircraft equipment.
  • We provide highly reliable products for use by the Japanese Ministry of Defense and thereby contribute to the safe and prompt operation of their aircraft for purposes such as emergency rescue.

Main Products

Flight Control Actuation System

Flight Control Actuation System

This system is used to move surfaces such as the ailerons on the main wings and elevators on the tail surface to control the aircraft’s attitude. Nabtesco is the leading Japanese manufacturer of this kind of system, and has also earned a solid reputation as a major player in the global market.

High-Voltage Electric Power Distribution Unit

High-Voltage Electric Power Distribution Unit

This unit is used as an electric power distribution unit for Boeing 787 aircraft that supplies DC power to motors through motor controllers installed in the Rack and Panel. This product has been newly developed for Boeing 787 aircraft, which requires more electrical power than other existing aircraft, and is equipped with an efficient liquid cooling system for motor controllers and transformers. This product not only helps reduce aircraft weight but also improves aircraft maintenance by significantly reducing the number of electric wires in the aircraft.

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