Long-term Vision

Long-term Vision (formulated in February 2021)

The Vision of 2030

Leaders in Innovation for the Future


Innovation In Action

Our Aim for 2030

  • Creating new values with our unique technology and intelligence
  • Enriching lifestyles and the environment worldwide
  • “Moving your heart” by providing safety and security

Transformation from “Partner” to “Leader”

Nabtesco Corporation was formed in 2003 through the merger of Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd. and NABCO Ltd. and has expanded the technology base and businesses inherited from the two companies.
With our former long-term vision for 2012-2020 “Global Partner with Best Solutions,” we have been enhancing the management foundation and expanding our overseas bases while trying to be a trusted partner who responds steadily to their expectations. Nabtesco went one step further for its long-term vision for 2021-2030 with the slogan “As a Leader in Innovation.” We will aim to be “Leaders in Innovation,” to exceed customers’ expectations by actively developing and proposing products that even our customers have not thought of themselves.

Transformation from “Partner” to “Leader”

To Achieve New Long-term Vision

Nabtesco has set the concept of new Long-term Vision as shown in following diagram. Based on the “Identity of Nabtesco” accumulated so far, Nabtesco will execute the business focusing on the following; “Technology,” “Globalization” and “Contribution,” aiming to be “Leaders in Innovation for the Future.”

To Achieve New Long-term Vision