CMFS Equipment for Wind Turbine

Contributing to Prevent Wind Turbine Failures and Prolong Equipment Life

Wind power generation is expanding both inside and outside Japan as a promising source of renewable energy. Wind turbines are now being installed in harsher environments, such as on hills exposed to strong winds in cold climates and on the ocean.
Nabtesco develops CMFS equipment that helps to prevent wind turbine failures.

Yaw drive units that optimize the movement of wind turbines according to wind direction are constantly subject to external forces, not just when the turbines are in operation and generating power. So there need to be ways to prevent them from quickly wearing out or suffering damage due to such forces.
Nabtesco has developed the first condition monitoring system with fail-safe (CMFS) for yaw drive units in wind turbines.

Social Value Provided by the Business

  • Nabtesco helps to prevent wind turbine failures and prolong equipment life by providing CMFS equipment, which features our unique motion control technology, that works with sensors to control yaw drive units with high response speed.
  • Our diagnostic service for wind turbines utilizes analytic data on external forces and history of abnormalities that can be viewed in real time to predict the remaining life of each piece of equipment, in addition to providing a record of any equipment abnormalities. This helps wind turbine operators to run their equipment with a sense of security for the years ahead.

Main Products

CMFS (Condition Monitoring system with Fail-Safe)

CMFS (Condition Monitoring system with Fail-Safe)

Our CMFS equipment constantly detects external forces using its high-precision sensor. It prevents overloading by processing and analyzing the detected data and accordingly making decisions to control yaw driving and braking forces without delay.

Diagnostic Service for Wind Turbine

Diagnostic Service for Wind Turbine

Aggregated data is periodically transmitted to a cloud, where data on the status of yaw drive units is processed into diagnostic results and displayed in real time for easy diagnosis.

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