Announcement of release of Nabtesco Group Integrated Report “Nabtesco Value Report 2023”

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Nabtesco Corporation (headquaters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Kazumasa Kimura) is pleased to announce that we have released the English version of our Integrated Report – “Nabtesco Value Report 2023" – for the fiscal year ended December 2023.


In preparing this year’s report, Nabtesco positioned the Integrated Report as a disclosure medium that emphasizes "narrativity" by reorganizing its information disclosure system. In addition, by carefully combining links to the Annual Securities Report and the Sustainability Website, which are comprehensive disclosure media, we aimed to make the Integrated Report more compact and easier to read than ever before.


In this report, we have structured the entire report with an emphasis on answering questions about management. Specifically, we focused on the questions and concerns that we receive daily from our stakeholders, and included answers and explanations to these questions and concerns in the report to provide highly transparent information.


In the messages from management, we provide in-depth explanations of the details of our profit improvement plan, which is also the subject of this issue, named "Project 10," our efforts to improve financial performance, and human capital management to improve organizational performance. We hope you will find our efforts to improve our corporate value enlightening.


In its business management, the Nabtesco Group will continue to prioritize dialogue with stakeholders and the mutual understanding and support it fosters. We hope that this report will help you understand the story of value creation we have envisioned.



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