Started research on hydrogen and ammonia production in collaboration with Nabtesco and Gifu Pharmaceutical University

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Nabtesco Corporation (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Kazumasa Kimura) has begun joint research with Gifu Pharmaceutical University on hydrogen and ammonia production technology. This collaborative research was launched on April 1, 2024 as a "Next Generation Energy Chemistry Collaborative Research Course" established within Gifu Pharmaceutical University.


In recent years, energy supply through the use of hydrogen and ammonia has been expected to be a clean energy source aimed at decarbonization. In the midst of the need to establish efficient and stable production technologies for hydrogen and ammonia in the future, we will work to develop production equipment that realizes a stable supply of hydrogen and ammonia by conducting joint research that combines the hydraulic and pneumatic technologies we have cultivated in our existing businesses with the functional new catalyst technologies possessed by Gifu Pharmaceutical University. The first step in the research is to develop a low-cost hydrogen production method and component technologies necessary for hydrogen production using electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.


We will not only acquire expertise in hydrogen and ammonia production technologies through this research, but also work with partners and local governments to build a community-based sustainable energy supply chain. We will aim to achieve sustainable energy supply and reduce CO2 emissions in the commercial vehicle and industrial fields.



■About Nabtesco
Nabtesco was established through the integration of Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd. and NABCO Ltd. in 2003. Based on its unique motion control technology, Nabtesco manufactures components for machines to support the automation of production facilities and to provide safety, comfort and a sense of security for land, sea and air transportation. In 2022, we launched an intrapreneurship program “Light”, to create new businesses by soliciting a wide range of business ideas from employees and launching an in-house venture unit through multiple selection processes. This collaboration is the first project that was born from “Light.”


■Gifu Pharmaceutical University website link (Japanese only)


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