Launch of Advertisement Distribution Service Using Digital Signage-Integrated Automatic Doors

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The Accessibility Innovations Company of Nabtesco Corporation (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Kazumasa Kimura) will start providing an advertisement distribution service by using digital signage-integrated automatic doors. Also, the Company started to sell digital signage displays for automatic doors for use at commercial facilities and public transportation facilities.

Nabtesco will start providing an advertisement media service by using digital signage-integrated automatic doors in April 2024. Initially, the service will be offered to universities. By installing digital signage-integrated doors at the entrances of stores and other facilities located on the premises of universities, Nabtesco will meet the needs of advertisers who want to raise the profile and promote the sales of their products designed for use by university students and increase the recognition of their own companies for the purpose of recruitment. Moreover, by combining the service with the AD-LINK platform that collects data about the flows of people passing through and walking past automatic doors via a network, Nabtesco can also provide measurement data about the effects of digital signage ads. Further, through the signage integrated with the doors, information about the universities where these doors are installed can be distributed. The doors can thus be used also as a tool to communicate information about university events and others to students.

Going forward, the Company will sequentially start providing this advertisement distribution service using automatic doors at a range of facilities, such as commercial and public transportation facilities, in addition to universities.  

(Reference) Advertisement distribution service using automatic doors installed at universities (Japanese only)

Toward the launch of the advertisement distribution service, Nabtesco started to sell digital signage displays for integrated use with automatic doors on March 1, 2024. Automatic doors which people walk through will serve as a new life-size information distribution medium to maximize product appeal. These doors can be installed at the entrances of stores and other facilities to promote sales and increase customer satisfaction. Moreover, unlike signage installed on floors, the signage integrated with the fixed parts of automatic doors need not to be moved and can be used safely with no obstruction to the flow of facility users.

【Example applications】

 ■ At commercial facilities: By showing product/event information at retail stores, shopping malls and others, the digital signage-integrated automatic doors will contribute to raising visitors’ willingness to buy and to improving customer experience and value.

 ■ At public transportation facilities: By displaying local information including weather and disaster-related information at expressway service areas, airports and other locations, the doors will contribute to increasing convenience for tourists and the satisfaction of users of the facilities.

(Reference) Digital signage solution based on the effective use of NABCO automatic doors (Japanese only)

Nabtesco boasts an about 55% share in the domestic automatic doors for buildings market. By adding a new information dispatch function to automatic doors, the Company will help customers meet their challenges, including adding more value to their facilities, increasing the public recognition of their companies through advertisements, and inducing the users of their facilities users to purchase more.

■About Nabtesco

Nabtesco was established through the integration of Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd. and NABCO Ltd. in 2003. Based on its unique motion control technology, Nabtesco manufactures components for machines to support the automation of production facilities and to provide safety, comfort and a sense of security for land, sea and air transportation.

In the automatic door business, Nabtesco became the first to develop an automatic door in Japan in 1956 and now has a share of about 55% in the Japanese market for automatic doors for buildings, which represent its core product in the business. The company supplies “NABCO” branded doors in Japan and “GILGEN” branded doors overseas and has a global network of sales companies that provide maintenance service for the doors. It is also a supplier of platform doors, which help ensure the safety of passengers at stations and the scheduled operation of trains. For the business Nabtesco has production bases in the city of Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, the State of Wisconsin in the United States, the Canton of Bern in Switzerland and the city of Beijing in China.


【Contact for the advertisement distribution service provided by using automatic doors installed at universities】

 New Business Promotion Dept., Accessibility Innovations Company, Nabtesco Corporation

 TEL: 078-569-2605 FAX: 078-413-8349


【Contact for the sale of digital signage displays for automatic doors】

 Sales Dept., Accessibility Innovations Company, Nabtesco Corporation

 TEL: 03-5213-1156 FAX: 03-5213-1173

【Contact for the press】

 Corporate Communication Department, Nabtesco Corporation

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