Harmony with Local Communities

Basic Approach and Policy

Basic Stance for Corporate Citizen Activities

The Nabtesco Group contributes to the economic development of local areas and society by establishing a production system aimed at local production for local consumption. As part of the implementation of The Nabtesco Way, we clearly state in our policy for our activities as a corporate citizen that in the areas where we operate, we facilitate interactions and collaboration with the area and community regarding the matters related to the businesses that we promote. As a corporate citizen engaged in business activities in a variety of locations, we leverage our resources, such as employees, technologies, products and services, to contribute to solving social issues.

Nabtesco Group Community Investment Policy


  • The Nabtesco Group promises to protect the global environment and promotes harmony with local communities and cultures by practicing The Nabtesco Way.
  • In each region where it conducts business, the Nabtesco Group will proactively engage in exchange and cooperate with local communities in those fields closely related to its business.


  • To contribute to solving global social challenges
  • To contribute to solving social challenges faced by local communities in each region where the Group conducts business
  • To encourage employees’ spirit of challenge and their innovative way of thinking by contributing to solving social challenges in those fields related to the Group’s business
  • To increase the Group's brand value by contributing to solving social challenges
  • By achieving these targets, to foster the growth of both the Nabtesco Group and local communities and to build long-term relationships of mutual trust
Priority Areas of activity Relevance to the Group's business Corresponding management materiality
  • -Contribution to reducing environmental impact through manufacturing
  • -Commitment to addressing global and local environmental issues in each region where the Group conducts business
  • -Deliver solutions for social challenges through business
  • -Countermeasures for climate change
  • -Foster environmental management
  • -Promote engagement with local community
  • -Development of next-generation human resources by using the Group’s expertise and resources gained through business
  • -Enhancement of the value chain in collaboration with suppliers
  • -Deliver solutions for social challenges through business
  • -Enhance human capital management
  • -Build a resilient supply chain
  • -Promote engagement with local community
  • -Revitalization of local communities through welfare equipment business
  • -Support for diversity and social inclusion in each region where the Group conducts business
  • -Deliver solutions for social challenges through business
  • -Enhance human capital management
  • -Pursue safety, comfort and a sense of security
  • -Promote engagement with local community

Corresponding SDGs



System to Promote Corporate Citizen Activities

In Japan, the Corporate Communication Department plans a range of programs to utilize the Nabtesco Group’s strength to contribute to the solution of social issues. Then the Department implements the programs in cooperation with the administrative departments, in-house companies, major Group companies and others.

Outside Japan, Nabtesco’s local subsidiaries are taking initiatives to conduct social contribution activities closely connected to local communities.

As for disaster recovery support and for donations made and membership fees paid to general incorporated associations, foundations, NPOs, NGOs and others, the related departments check whether or not they are appropriate in line with the internal rules before the donations, etc. are actually made.


Resources Invested and Impact

Resources Invested

Resources invested (FY2022)



Number of mangroves planted
(FY2013 to FY2022)
*No activities in FY2020–FY2022 due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic Accumulated total: 5,870
Number of persons who planted mangroves
(FY2013 to FY2022)
*No activities in FY2020–FY2022 due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic Accumulated total: 1,209

*Not conducted in 2020-2022 due to COVID-19


Number of persons who joined various programs FY2022: 683,666


Number of people playing the para-sports for which Nabtesco provided support (Number in Japan) FY2022: 90

Corporate Citizen Activities

In order to implement even more initiatives in line with the Nabtesco Group Community Investment Policy, the Nabtesco Group launched in 2021 an in-house system to give prizes to the corporate citizen activities that had been conducted by employees in and outside Japan in the previous fiscal year and that met the evaluation criteria to receive the prizes. In FY2022, under the system, the Group gave prizes to the following three activities (conducted by a total of 13 people) from among the initiatives implemented in FY2021.

Prize-winning corporate citizen activities (FY2022)

  • Silver prize: Participation in the RIKOCHALLENGE initiative implemented by the Gender Equality Bureau of the Cabinet Office of Japan
  • Silver prize: Participation in the Nikkei Education Challenge initiative
  • Silver prize: Organization of a tour of the Konan Plant’s showroom for parents and their children

Support for Employees’ Community Contribution Activities

The Nabtesco Group believes that employees’ local community contribution activities are effective in nurturing diversified values and establishing trust with the communities in which we operate, thus we are actively providing relevant support and information to employees. In addition, to promote these activities, our working regulations provide for the use of accumulated leave for participating in volunteer activities organized by international NGOs.

[Priority Activity Area: Environment] Mangrove Planting Activity Conducted by Group Companies

Nabtesco Automotive Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Nabtesco Power Control (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and Nabtesco Service Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. have been continuing a mangrove planting activity on tideland located within the premises of the Bang Pu Nature Education Center in the province of Samut Prakan, aiming to contribute to interaction with the local community and solutions to regional environmental issues. The activity was carried out three times in the past. In August 2019, the three companies conducted the seventh event jointly. A total of 357 employees and their families planted 2,300 mangrove seedlings, taking the cumulative total number of seedlings planted in this activity to 5,870 so far.

Mangroves grow in intertidal zones where seawater mingles with fresh water, and there are hopes that mangroves will help purify marine water, maintain and recover ecosystems, mitigate the damage caused by natural disasters, and prevent global warming. While the mangrove planting activity was postponed in FY2020-FY2022 due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nabtesco Group will continue this activity in the future.

Planting mangrove seedlings

Planting mangrove seedlings

A commemorative photo of the mangrove planting activity

A commemorative photo of the mangrove planting activity

[Priority Activity Area: Education] Development of the Next Generation of Leaders

Exchange with Local Educational Facilities

In order to contribute to the development of next-generation human resources as a member of the local community, the Nabtesco Group invites students, teachers and general citizens to its plants and other facilities for tours and internship programs. Last year, 388 people participated in these events.

Support for an Environmental Education Program

The Nabtesco Group has been supporting Environmental Education Program hosted by Asahi Shimbun Company, the newspaper company, since FY2014. The Program is held to help children learn about the Earth in a pleasant manner, and encourage them to voluntarily take actions for the planet.

Under the Program, educational materials created by Asahi Shimbun with the support of 5 companies including the Nabtesco Group were distributed free-of-charge to approximately 260,000 children in elementary schools across Japan (FY2022) to introduce basic knowledge on environmental issues and corporate activities to resolve them. Moreover, an environmental event was held in September, special classes were provided at two elementary schools in November and December, and participatory events were held for the children, who were asked to create a wall newspaper. The Program provides students with opportunities to raise awareness about the Earth’s environment while learning in a fun way.

Special class provided in the Program

Special class provided in the Program

Supporting the Asahi SDGs Journal Activity for Junior and Senior High School Students

In FY2022, the Nabtesco Group supported the Asahi SDGs Journal activity conducted by The Asahi Shimbun Company to help junior and senior high school students learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and think about them with ownership toward their achievement by 2030.
Specifically, we created a teaching material that introduced our measures for the SDGs, the latest news about the Goals and other information that students could use to deepen their understanding of the Goals. We have distributed about 420,000 copies of this material, which were used in classroom workshops at junior and senior high schools across Japan to deepen understanding of the SDGs.

the Asahi SDGs Journal Activity for Junior and Senior High School Students Logo

Sponsorship for the Nikkei Education Challenge

From FY2015 to FY2022, the Nabtesco Group supported the Nikkei Education Challenge, which is hosted by the newspaper company Nikkei Inc. This is an education program in which career professionals provide classes for high school students based on the concept of conveying the pleasure of working and their enthusiasm for their jobs.

In FY2022, classes were held in a hybrid face-to-face format, both online and offline, and 1,765 high school students from all over the nation took part in the program. The lecturer conveyed his pleasure of working, the sense of achievement he gets from his job, and examples of challenges he overcame, providing a “lively class” that conveyed a real working site. We will continue to provide opportunities for high school students to imagine their future careers.

A class in the Education Challenge

A class in the Education Challenge

Supporting Japanese National Team Schools for International Rocketry Challenge

The Nabtesco Group has been supporting schools which have participated in the International Rocketry Challenge (IRC) as a Japanese national team since FY2016. In this event, national teams consisting of junior high and high school students from the US, the UK, France and Japan participate as teams to design, build and launch a model rocket, competing for higher altitude, longer flying duration and others. Events have been held during the Farnborough International Airshow (in even-numbered years) and the International Paris Airshow (in odd-numbered years) at the respective sites. The Nabtesco Group provides some of the travel expenses for the Team Japan students to participate in the competition. While the Challenge was not held in FY2020 and in FY2021 due to COVID-19, it was held for the first time in three years in FY2022. The Group will continue to support national team schools as part of an initiative to develop next-generation human capital in the field of aerospace engineering, with which the Nabtesco Group is involved in its business.

International Rocketry Challenge (IRC) awards ceremony

International Rocketry Challenge (IRC) awards ceremony


Since March 2021, the Nabtesco Group has been supporting the RIKOCHALLENGE initiative implemented by the Gender Equality Bureau of the Cabinet Office of Japan. In the summer of FY2022, we held an online RIKOCHALLENGE event to help female students who were interested in science and technology decide on their future direction, in which 23 students participated from across Japan. We will continue to hold similar events to encourage more women to engage in fields related to science and engineering.


The Fourth Nabtesco and DyDo U10 Starter League Soccer Championship held

Since FY2017, the Nabtesco Group, in partnership with DyDo DRINCO, INC., the beverage manufacturer, has hosted a soccer championship in Mie Prefecture Japan, where both companies have operational bases. Given the decreasing numbers of children joining soccer teams and the widening gaps in performance levels among teams, this championship was created to provide many children with an opportunity for exchange. It aims to encourage children to learn a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship through participation in this championship and consequently improving the level of competition and enabling more children to enjoy soccer in Mie. The fifth championship, which had been postponed due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, was held in November 2022, two and a half years after the organization of the fourth championship, and about 1,300 children participated in it. It was a great success. The Group will continue to host the championship as a measure to contribute to nurturing the next generation and supporting local community development through sports.

U10 Starter League co-sponsored

U10 Starter League co-sponsored

Support for Youth Athletes

The Nabtesco Group has been supporting youth athletes since FY2018.
In each of the regions where we have our bases, we aim to foster harmony with the region and local culture by giving support for the education of local school children and for youth sports.
Since FY2018, the Nabtesco Group has provided assistance to a total of 11 youth athletes in fencing, sailing, speed skating, shooting, BMX, mogul skiing, golfing and others, thereby helping school children and young people to make their dreams come true through sports.



Fencing World Cup in Barcelona

World Cup in Barcelona



[Priority Activity Area: Welfare] Support for Para-Sports

The Nabtesco Group has been supporting para-sports, specifically wheelchair curling and para-ice hockey as official partners of the Japan Wheelchair Curling Association and the Japan Para Ice Hockey Association. We will continue to give support for para-sports to contribute to the creation of a vibrant, symbiotic society, which is upheld as the philosophy for para-sports.