Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Information and Management Policy

QWhen was Nabtesco established?

Nabtesco Corporation was founded in September 2003 by the integration of two companies: NABCO, Ltd. and Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd., both of which had long histories.

QWhat is the origin of Nabtesco's name?

At the time of the merger, Nabtesco was named after parts of the company names of NABCO, Ltd. and Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd..

QWhat is your corporate philosophy?

Nabtesco's corporate philosophy is "The Nabtesco Group, with our unique motion control technology, will provide safety, comfort and a sense of security in daily lives as well as any form of transportation."

QWhat businesses and products does Nabtesco handle?

Nabtesco's business segments consist of Component Solutions, Transport Solutions, Accessibility Solutions, and Manufacturing Solutions. Precision Reduction Gears, Hydraulic Equipment, Railroad Vehicle Equipment, Aircraft Equipment, Marine Vessel Equipment, Commercial Vehicle Equipment, Automatic Doors and Packaging Machines are some of the extensive fields of the product lines that Nabtesco offers. For more details, please see our page introducing our businesses.

QPlease tell us about your management strategy.

For the latest information on our management strategy, please see our Medium-Term Management Plan.

QWhat are your targets and policies for improving capital efficiency?

We expect our cost of capital to be about 7%, and aim to generate profits that exceed this. In our mid-term management plan, we target an ROIC of 10% or more. In addition, we aim to further improve our ROIC by moving away from component products to modular and systemized products to increase added value.

QPlease tell us about your corporate governance initiatives.

In order to become a company that is further trusted by our stakeholders as well as to increase the permanent value of our group, we strive to practice corporate management based on a high level of transparency and ethics as well as compliance with laws and regulations. For details, please refer to Corporate Governance.

QPlease tell us about your sustainability initiatives.

Through the implementation of the Nabtesco Way, we are committed to ensuring management transparency and providing safety, security, and comfort, and by fulfilling our social responsibilities as a corporation, we are contributing to solving various environmental and social issues, while pursuing sustainable enhancement of corporate value. For more information, please see Sustainability.

Financial Results

QWhen does your fiscal year end?

Our fiscal year ends on December 31 every year. Please see our IR Calendar for our schedule on announcements of financial results and other information.

QWhat kind of materials are available to learn more about Nabtesco's business performance?

Financial results materials and Integrated Reports are available in our IR Library.

QPlease tell us about your financial and management indicators.

You can view this information in Financial Information.

QWhich economic indicators affect Nabtesco's performance?

Because we have multiple businesses, they vary by business.
We provide an explanation of our fiscal year results along with related data in each fiscal year's earnings presentation.
Please see the IR Library for details.

QHow much of your sales are from China?

Sales by region can be found in Financial Information.


QWhat is your securities code?

Our securities code is 6268.

QWhat is the current share price?

They are available on the stock price chart.

QOn which stock exchange are you listed?

Tokyo Stock Exchange.

QWho is the administrator of the shareholder registry?

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank.

QWho should I contact for various stock-related procedures?

They are listed on various stock-related procedures.

QWhen is the record date for dividends?

The interim dividend is paid on June 30 and the year-end dividend is paid on December 31.

QWhat is your approach to shareholder returns?

Our mid-term management plan through 2024 calls for a dividend payout ratio of 35% or more. We also aim to pay a stable dividend, and have been increasing our dividends since 2018.

QAre there any special benefits for shareholders?

Nabtesco does not have a special benefit plan for shareholders.