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Precision Reduction GearsPrecision Reduction Gears

Precision Reduction Gears

For Powerful, Elaborate, and Swift Movements at the Forefront of Manufacturing

For Powerful, Elaborate, and Swift Movements at the Forefront of Manufacturing

Precision reduction gears are key components of industrial robots used on automobile production lines. These gears make it possible to extract a tremendous amount of power from a small motor while at the same time allowing the industrial robots to make more precise movements. Without them,the robots would be unable to perform the powerful,swift, and precise actions needed to assemble the cars and other vehicles that we see all around us every day all over the world. Nabtesco has been a market leader in precision reduction gears for about 30 years now, and, as a specialist in the field, has consistently achieved technological innovation. Nabtesco’s precision reduction gears maintain high accuracy and rigidity as well as being compact and lightweight.They are therefore used not only in industrial robots but also in various other areas.

Market Share

  • Precision reduction gears for industrial robots’ joints

    60% Globally

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Thanks to their high reliability, Nabtesco’s precision reduction gears are used by a range of domestic and overseas robot manufacturers in the joints of their industrial robots, giving us a large share of the market. We are further expanding the applications of our precision reduction gears in order to enter new markets.


Precision Reduction Gears Used in a Range of Fields

Automobile production lines

Because Nabtesco’s precision reduction gears are highly reliable and compact, they are used in a broad range of fields in addition to their use in industrial robots

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Precision Reduction Gears: RV Component Type

Precision Reduction Gears: RV Component Type

The precision reduction gears RV are compact and lightweight with outstanding rigidity and overload resistance. With these features, the reduction gears serve to provide excellent accelerating capabilities, smooth motion, low backlash, and accurate positioning precision, leading to enhanced robot controllability.

Gear Head Type

Gear Head Type

This is a gear head type product based on the precision reduction gears RV with the emphasis on ease of use. The product is easily installed on servomotors and features airtight grease sealing.

Gear Head Type (Table Type)

Gear Head Type (Table Type)

This table-type series is designed for accurate positioning. The low-profile products with large and hollow shafts are easy to use and are therefore widely adopted for index tables as well as for pivots of various devices.