Investor Relations

Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2022/12 - FY2024/12)

Basic Policy

The Nabtesco Group, toward the realization of the long-term vision for fiscal 2030, which it announced in February 2021, has formulated its new medium-term management plan for the three years from fiscal 2022, upholding the basic policy, “TIME FOR CHALLENGE -Change Yourself, Change the World-.” We will seek to become “Leaders in Innovation” by “Change Yourself” and “Change the World” through three challenges.

Basic Policy

-Change Yourself, Change the World-

Basic Policy

Medium- to Long-Term Management Strategies

In this medium-term management plan, we will take on three challenges: “Challenge of fostering reforms”, “Challenge of fostering creativity” , and “Challenge of fostering globalization” .

Challenge of fostering reforms

Enjoy the Challenge
-Change the corporate culture to embrace failure and encourage employees to take on challenges-
●“Change ourselves” : Redefine our current action guidelines
●“Change the company” : Implement innovation systems/tools
Innovation for “New Motion Control”
-Create and provide new value through DX, electrification and systematization-
●Create new “tangible goods” through electrification and system integration
●Create new “intangible things” through IoT and data solution
●Attain highly efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing through automation and DX

Challenge of fostering creativity

Intelligent Imagination & Execution
-Create and build new business models by promoting external collaboration-
●Promote open innovation utilizing our core value
●Create new businesses by utilizing CVC and M&A
●Expand to new business areas by accelerating collaboration between each business segment

Challenge of fostering globalization

Global Value Network
-Strengthen global management systems-
●Enhance overseas regional headquarters (Marketing, R&D, MRO and Shared services)
●Establish a global HR system and secure and develop local leaders
●Strengthen marketing activity in regions where the Nabtesco Group has yet to conduct business operations
●Rebuild global supply chain

The targets for the medium-term management plan

The Nabtesco Group has set the targets for the medium-term management plan for 2022 to 2024 as follows.


・ROIC: 10% or over
・Dividend payout ratio: 35% or over
・Focus on solving ESG issues

CO2 emissions reduction

Reduced by 25%

(Baseline year: fiscal 2015/aligned with the SBT 1.5-degree Celsius target)

【Refernce values for FY 2024】

Other management indices

Net sales
¥370.0 billion
Operating margin
Operating Profit
¥41.0 billion

*Note on the use of numerical targets

Information provided in this document is based on various assumptions that are subject to change, and Nabtesco does not guarantee or warrant the implementation of any plans, numerical targets or measures stated in this document.