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CMFS Equipment for Wind TurbineCMFS Equipment for Wind Turbine

CMFS Equipment for Wind Turbine

Contributing toward prolonging the life of wind turbines and providing safety and a sense of security through future-predicting technology

In recent years, wind turbines have shown a tendency toward being upsized and placed even at locations characterized by harsh conditions, including mountainous areas. Against this backdrop, it is becoming necessary to meet a range of challenges to foster wind power generation , including introducing a new wind turbine control method that can deal with unexpected external forces, such as strong winds caused by abnormal weather, as well as prolonging turbine life.

Nabtesco contributes toward preventing wind turbine failure and prolonging equipment life by providing slewing units to which its unique motion control technology is adopted to promptly control the units based on the use of sensors that can detect external forces caused by winds with high precision. Nabtesco also makes use of analytic data that can be viewed in real time to predict the remaining life of each piece of equipment, in addition to providing a record of any equipment abnormalities. The company thereby helps users of wind turbine to operate their equipment with safety and a sense of security for additional years.

Products: CMFS(Condition Monitoring with Fail-Safe) and Diagnostic Service for Wind Turbine

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  • Diagnostic Service

    Diagnostic Service

Yaw Units of Wind Turbine

Yaw units of wind turbine

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