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Marine Vessel EquipmentMarine Vessel Equipment

Marine Vessel Equipment

Contributing to Safety and Comfort of Passenger and Freight Vessels

Contributing to Safety and Comfort of Passenger and Freight Vessels

Large marine vessels transport a range of goods and people across the world’s oceans. To ensure safety, cut manpower and fuel usage, and reduce environmental impacts, it is necessary to implement a range of optimizing measures for these large vessels. Nabtesco is assisting in these efforts by supplying main engine remote control systems for medium- to large-sized vessels and the related system engineering services. For the control systems for diesel engines, which are the core components of vessels, we are quickly responding to the demand for control systems for electronically controlled engines, which are set to become mainstream in the future, in addition to meeting the demand for mechanical engine control systems. Through these activities, we are pursuing the development of environmentally friendly technologies. We will continue to help enhance the safety of oceangoing vessels and optimize their navigation by using our long accumulated expertise and our vast global after-sale service system.

Market Share

  • Remote control system for marine vessels

    50% in Japan

  • NabtescoNabtesco
  • OthersOthers

For engine remote control systems for vessels, we have about a 50% share in the domestic market and around a 40% share in the world market.We have a global service network for the vessel equipment business and are expanding our shares in overseas markets based on our aftersale service business.


Schedule for the implementation of the NOx and other emission regulations set by the IMO (MARPOL Convention)

Schedule for the implementation of the NOx and other emission regulations set by the IMO (MARPOL Convention)

Note 1 ECA: Emission Control Area, where stricter regulations are imposed on the emissions of air pollutants than in ordinary sea areas. The regulations on SOx are to be implemented in European and North American ECAs, while those on NOx in North American ECAs.
Note 2 The “0.5%” regulation on SOx will start in 2020 or 2025. The timing will be examined in 2018. (Source: Maritime Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

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Main Engine Remote Control System(M-800-V)

Main Engine Remote Control System

This system enables the remote control of the vessel’s diesel engine from the ship’s bridge and/or control room, and has functions for outputting commands to control the engine speed (rpm) and for monitoring the engine status. Equipped with advanced network functions and a liquid crystal display, the system provides excellent operability and expandability.

electronically controlled hydraulic valves

Electronically controlled hydraulic valves

Each diesel engine cylinder is equipped with one electronically controlled hydraulic valves, which electronically controls the timing and amount of fuel injection and the timing at which the exhaust valve opens and closes. The valve contributes to higher fuel economy and is attracting much attention as an environmentally friendly component.

GAP sensors

GAP sensors

GAP sensors monitor the behavior of engine fuel injection pumps and exhaust valves. The sensor gives an alarm when an abnormality is detected, thereby increasing the reliability of electronic diesel engine control systems.