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Railroad Vehicle EquipmentRailroad Vehicle Equipment

Railroad Vehicle Equipment

Enhancing Safety Technologies in Line with the Increasing Speeds of Rail Transportation

Railroad Vehicle Equipment

As a world-class high-speed railway system, the Shinkansen represents Japanese know-how at its best. Because the speed of these trains exceeds 300 kilometers per hour, the technology used to control them needs to ensure absolute safety and reliability. As part of our commitment to making technological contributions to the safety of high-speed rail transportation, Nabtesco has been developing Shinkansen brake systems and door operating units, both of which are core components of the trains. Our high-standard technologies are widely adopted not only in the Shinkansen but also in local trains and new transportation systems. Furthermore, railway operators have recently been increasingly intent on reducing the size and weight of machinery and equipment as larger cabin space and environmental measures become more important. In order to help their trains run faster and more comfortably, Nabtesco is currently developing technologies to boost the evolution of rail transportation.

Market Share

  • Railroad vehicle brake systems

    50% in Japan

  • Door operators for railroad vehicles

    60% in Japan

Our estimation

  • NabtescoNabtesco
  • OthersOthers

We supply brake systems and door operating units (our main product lines), various test equipment, brake shoes, seat turning equipment, snow removal devices at turnout, and other products to domestic and overseas markets. In Japan, we have a roughly 50% market share for brake systems and a roughly 60% share for door operating units. Of particular note, Nabtesco’s door operators are installed on all carriages of the Series N700 Shinkansen.


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Unit Brakes

Unit Brakes

The unit brake incorporates the integral functions of a conventional foundation brake rigging and a built-in automatic slack adjusting mechanism. Compared to existing foundation brake units, the product offers reduced size and weight, simplified maintenance, greater noise protection, and heightened consistency of braking efficiency.

Brake Operating Units for Railroad Vehicles

Brake Operating Units for Railroad Vehicles

This system is configured as a unit with a brake operating device that plays the core role in the electric commanding air brake system and the air brake valves that provide the brake cylinder pressure output for service and emergency braking.

Door Operators for Railroad Vehicles

Door Operators for Railroad Vehicles

Offering a tremendous variety of door operating units, our product line-up comprises door operators that meet the demands of a wide diversity of applications from high-speed trains including the Shinkansen to commuter trains and ultra-low-floor light rail vehicles (LRVs).