Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy has been established based on the recognition that Nabtesco Corporation and its Group companies (collectively, the “Nabtesco Group”) have a social responsibility to promote the proper handling of personal information. The Nabtesco Group is committed to ensuring that all officers and employees comply with this Privacy Policy and to exerting all possible efforts to protect personal information.

1. Basic stance

In the course of handling the personal information of clients, business partners, shareholders, job applicants and all other individuals (collectively, “Customers”), the Nabtesco Group will comply with all laws and governmental regulations concerning the proper handling of personal information and all other applicable rules and guidelines.

2. Purposes of using personal information

The Nabtesco Group will use the personal information received from Customers solely within the scope of permissible use described as follows.

  • Response to inquiries or questions from Customers
  • Invitation to events, exhibitions, etc. and communications in relation to their operation
  • Shipment or provision of products or services purchased by Customers, and confirmation and other communications necessary for offering products or services to Customers
  • Payment operations in relation to the sale or provision of products or services
  • Signing up for e-mail distribution services or other services available on the Nabtesco Group’s websites, distribution of electronic contents, and confirmation and other communications in relation to those services
  • Transmission of e-mail newsletters as requested by the respective Customers
  • Introduction of products as requested by the respective Customers
  • Communications on the occasion of Customers’ use of facilities arranged by the Nabtesco Group and provision of information about facility use to Customers
  • Communications with or responding to clients (including prospective corporate clients; the same applies hereinafter) in the course of business, and related administrative services
  • Shareholder administration and notifications to shareholders pursuant to the Companies Act of Japan
  • Provision of recruitment information to job applicants; screening and selection of prospective employees
  • Creation of data through de-identification of personal information (“anonymously processed information”)
  • Other purposes of use as announced, either on Nabtesco Group websites where various products are introduced or by other means

3. Purposes of using anonymously processed information

The Nabtesco Group may use anonymously processed information for any of the purposes listed below.

  • Product development and quality improvement or research for new services to be promoted by the Nabtesco Group, or marketing surveys and analysis to facilitate the foregoing
  • Creation of statistical data for business analysis, and utilization of analytical findings
  • Provision of other information that Nabtesco may find beneficial for Customers

The Nabtesco Group may provide anonymously processed information to third parties for any of the purposes listed below.

  • Disaster control measures, regional development, or other public purposes
  • Planning or implementation of other measures that Nabtesco may find beneficial for Customers

4. Shared use

The Nabtesco Group may share personal data received from Customers (excluding “specified personal information”) for use in accordance with the following conditions.

  • Types of personal data that may be shared
    Each Customer’s name, address, telephone numbers, age, gender, e-mail addresses or other attribute information, or any information, inquiries or other contents that the Customer has communicated to the Nabtesco Group
  • Scope of those who may share personal data
    Japanese or foreign companies belonging to the Nabtesco Group
    ( Nabtesco Network in Japan, Nabtesco Global Network)
  • Purposes of shared use
    The purposes described in Section 2 (Purposes of using personal information)
  • Person primarily responsible for controlling shared use
    Nabtesco Corporation

5. Control and protection of personal data

When handling personal data, the Nabtesco Group will properly control personal data, endeavor to prevent personal data from being fraudulently accessed from outside, lost, destroyed, falsified or leaked and to protect against all other security incidents, and implement appropriate and reasonable security measures. Upon occurrence of a security incident, the Nabtesco Group will promptly take corrective action.

6. Provision of personal data to third parties

The Nabtesco Group will never disclose or provide any Customer’s personal information, without the Customer’s consent, to any third parties other than the Nabtesco Group’s outsourcing partners, except when such disclosure is required under the law or justified on any other grounds.
* Specified personal information (as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan) of a Customer will not be provided to any third party, regardless of whether the Customer’s consent is obtained or not, except when such information is provided to an outsourcing partner of the Nabtesco Group or provided under the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures of Japan (the “Number Use Act”) or any other applicable law.

7. Administration of outsourcing partners

If Customers’ personal data is disclosed to an outsourcing partner under Section 6 above, the Nabtesco Group will conclude a non-disclosure agreement with the outsourcing partner and direct and supervise the outsourcing partner to ensure its proper handling and protection of the personal data.

8. Disclosure, correction, etc. or cessation of use, etc. of retained personal data

If a Customer desires disclosure, correction, etc. (meaning correction, addition or deletion) or cessation of use, etc. (meaning deletion, cessation of use or cessation of provision to third parties) with regard to the Customer’s personal data retained by the Nabtesco Group, the Customer will be requested to contact the Personnel Department at the General Administration & Human Resources Division, Nabtesco Corporation. After verifying the identity of the Customer, the Nabtesco Group will take necessary action as soon as reasonably possible.
However, the foregoing does not apply when acting as requested by the Customer may be detrimental to any right of a third party, or when the Nabtesco Group determines that its proper business operations may be significantly disrupted, or when a violation of law may arise.

9. Compliance with laws and rules

The Nabtesco Group will comply with the laws concerning personal information and all other applicable rules and guidelines.

10. Familiarization and awareness raising

The Nabtesco Group will familiarize its employees and other Nabtesco Group personnel with this Privacy Policy and ensure their compliance with the same. To this end, the Nabtesco Group will provide adequate education to its employees and other members of the Nabtesco Group.

11. Inquiries

Any inquiries or questions regarding personal information of a Customer can be directed to the department that has received the personal information provided by the Customer.

This Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time without notice.

Established on May 30, 2017

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