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Enhancing Product Development and Technological Strength or Value Creation, and Forging Trusting Relationships with Stakeholders. Present CEO, Kazuaki Kotani

【Our commitments】

・ROE: 15%
・Consolidated payout ratio: 35% or over
・Focus on solving ESG issues

Inaugural message

I am Katsuhiro Teramoto. In my capacity, as of March 28, 2017, as the new president and CEO of the company, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our stakeholders for the kind support they have heretofore given to Nabtesco.

I joined Nabtesco 10 years ago in 2007, after gaining experience in both corporate planning and sales at my former workplace. For my first two years at Nabtesco I was engaged in the precision reduction gear business and for the next four years in the automatic door business, specifically, in overseas sales and business planning activities. During that period, I was also involved in the process of M&A and integration targeting foreign companies, which taught me the importance of respecting diversity and increasing the speed of business management.

I became the General Manager of the Corporate Planning Department in 2013 and the General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division in 2015, and in these positions I supported the former CEO in making decisions for the company. During the same period, I was also engaged in the formulation of two medium-term management plans and then pressed forward with the creation of the new medium-term management plan based on the results of the former plans. Now, I am leading the Nabtesco Group’s business management as its CEO.

I am determined to fulfill my huge responsibility as CEO. While it will take some time for me to produce excellent results, I will work to shorten the time required. I would ask for the continued support of all stakeholders toward the Group.

Commitment to Growth

I believe that if each member of an organization makes a sincere effort to fulfill his or her respective roles, it will increase the value of the entire organization. A company can also achieve growth if its employees, each of whom has his or her own unique qualities, cooperate and share their roles with one another.

In the process of fulfilling their roles, each member of the organization needs to listen to and respect the opinions of other members playing different roles in different positions. This will help individual members to achieve their own growth.

As corporate citizens, companies are expected to provide their stakeholders with value. This is one of their roles. In the Action Declaration, which together with Corporate Philosophy, Our Promises, and the Action Guidelines comprises The Nabtesco Way, it is stated that “By implementing these promises, we will realize ‘All Stakeholders’ Dreams.’” I think it is necessary for Nabtesco to fulfill its social responsibility on a continual basis while listening to the opinions of its stakeholders, which include its customers, shareholders, investors, business partners, employees, local communities and also the global environment. As a result of fulfilling this role, Nabtesco will be able to achieve profitable growth and meet the long-term expectations of its stakeholders and help them turn their dreams into reality.

So what roles should I fulfill as the CEO of the Nabtesco Group? I think one of my important roles is to make managerial decisions. While providing stakeholders with continuous value, I hope to make management decisions that achieve total optimization for all stakeholders, rather than optimizing individual issues, and, as the CEO, will sincerely meet accountability expectations.

Another important task I have as CEO is to demonstrate leadership. In the new medium-term management plan, which I will detail later, we state three management commitments: “ROE: 15%,” “Consolidated payout ratio: 35% or over,” and “Focus on solving ESG issues.” I will lead the Group so that it will gain speed in implementing the ongoing measures and undertake challenges and reforms to fulfill these commitments.

Please be sure to keep an eye on our progress as we provide people across the globe with safety, comfort and a sense of security while at the same time ensuring management transparency to become a “Global Partner with Best Solutions.”

Message from the CEO Turning "All Stakeholder's Dreams" into Reality