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Corporate Philosophy

The Nabtesco Way

Corporate Philosophy, Promises and Action Guidelines of Nabtesco

Established in the 21st century aiming to become an honorable company (Shinise) while evolving together with society

We have established The Nabtesco Way in October 2012. The Nabtesco Way is a collective term that means our Corporate Philosophy, Our Promises, and Action Guidelines. We have set these Guidelines by examining the uniqueness of the Nabtesco Group, borne by our predecessors from their efforts and wisdom in developing the Group, and also by incorporating new values to be implemented by Group members toward the future, in order to clearly show the management approach to be taken by our top executives and general managers as well as our strong commitment to quality manufacturing.

Corporate Philosophy

The Nabtesco Group, with our unique motion control technology, will provide safety, comfort and a sense of security in daily lives as well as any form of transportation.

Our Promises

  1. 1. Value close communications with our customers worldwide
  2. 2. Value each individual’s spirit of challenge and innovation
  3. 3. Continue to expand our business and profit
  4. 4. Continue to reinforce our sense of ethics and highly transparent business activities
  5. 5. Value the environment and promote harmony with local communities and cultures

Action Guidelines

The Action Guidelines clarify Nabtesco’s values, unique strengths and strong commitment to manufacturing, all of which each employee is expected to embrace, cultivate and pass on to future generations.

[Action Guidelines for Top Management]

Based on these guidelines, top executives will manage the Nabtesco Group by focusing on the four important points to ensure its sustainable growth as a global corporate group.

  • ● Communicate the Present Situation and Future Vision of the Company (Organization) to Employees.
  • ● Encourage Active Discussions and Align All Members to a Common Direction.
  • ● Ensure Succession.
  • ● Manage in a Manner that Increases the Nabtesco Brand and Corporate Value.

[Action Guidelines for All Group Members]

As a common set of principles applying to all employees in the performance of their duties and decision-making, these guidelines clearly indicate the appropriate directions of individual actions and decisions and clarify important corporate values and unique strengths.

  • ● Build Trust: Work diligently (kotsukotsu) and expeditiously
  • ● Provide Value: Think ahead from customer's perspectives
  • ● Take on Challenges: Enhance our skills
  • ● Develop Human Resources: Employees are essential assets
  • ● Foster Teamwork: Discuss fully (tokoton) among all members
  • ● Realize our Dreams: Pursue higher reliability and quality
  • ● Make Daily Improvement: Step forward for future growth
  • ● Ensure Transparency: Be open, fair and honest
  • ● Hold a High Work Ethic: Make individual conscientious effort
  • ● Be Considerate of the Global Environment: Do not waste (mottainai)
  • ● Keep Harmony with Local Communities and Cultures: Engage in local activities

By implementing these promises, we will realize "All Stakeholder's Dreams."