Consideration of Community and Society

Policies on Community and Society

The Nabtesco Group formulated the Corporate Philosophy and the Nabtesco Group Code of Corporate Ethics in 2005. In the Code of Corporate Ethics, our Group makes a pledge to conduct social contribution activities voluntarily as a corporate citizen, to respect local laws, regulations, culture and customs at each of our bases in Japan and overseas, and contribute to the development of local communities.

Donation of Assist Wheel® Electric Wheelchairs

Donation to Imabari City in Ehime prefecture
Donation to Imabari City in Ehime prefecture
We developed the Assist Wheel® (AW) to help ease the physical burden of caretakers of wheelchair-bound people in moving their chargers from place to place. The AW is an electric wheelchair equipped with a sensor that automatically switches on the motor and brake and delivers superior performance, especially on both ascending and descending slopes, irregular ground and other places where moving ordinary wheelchairs is difficult.
 Since 2008 we have been donating AW wheelchairs to local governments in areas in which the Nabtesco Group has bases or where many of its employees reside. In FY2011, we also began donating the AW wheelchairs to areas afflicted by the Great East Japan Earthquake, where the superior performance of the wheelchairs on irregular ground is particularly useful. So far, We have donated 230 AW wheelchairs in total.
 We aim to be able to contribute to improving the lives of even more people through the provision of the AW wheelchairs.

Numbers of Donated Assist Wheel® Wheelchairs

Numbers of Donated Assist Wheel® Wheelchairs

NAM: Nabtesco Automotive Corporation
TSP: TS Precision Co., Ltd.

Exchange with Local Educational Facilities

In FY2014, the Nabtesco Group hosted 321 groups, in total of 2,337 people including students and teachers from elementary, junior high, high schools and universities, and the general public in the internship programs and its plant tours. In the future, we will increase the number of visits from elementary and junior high school students by fostering communication and exchange with students and teachers of these schools.

Support for an Environmental Education Program

Special class provided in the Program
Special class provided in the Program
Nabtesco began to support Asahi Shimbun’s Environmental Education Program in 2014. The Program is held to help children learn about the Earth in a pleasant manner, and encourage them to voluntarily take actions for the planet. We will continue to support this program also in FY2015.
 Under the Program, free-of-charge educational materials, which Asahi Shimbun created with four supporting companies including Nabtesco, will be distributed to some 250,000 children in about 3,000 elementary schools located across Japan (as of FY2014). Moreover, an environmental event will be held in September, special classes will be provided at elementary schools in November and December, and participatory events will be held for the children, who will be asked to write articles and essays for some of the events.

Mangrove Planting Activity Conducted by an Overseas Group Company

Nabtesco Automotive Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (NAPT) has been conducting a mangrove planting activity on tideland located within the premises of the Bang Pu Nature Education Center in the province of Samut Prakan. In June 2013, 69 employees of NAPT participated in the activity in which they planted 250 mangrove seedlings. Additionally in January 2015, 500 seedlings were planted by 86 employees. Mangroves grow in intertidal zones where seawater mingles with fresh water, and there are hopes that mangroves will help prevent global warming, maintain and recover ecosystems, and mitigate the damage caused by natural disasters. NAPT will continue to regularly conduct social contribution activities into the future.

  • NAPT employees on planting activity
    NAPT employees on planting activity
  • Ceremonial photo at Bang Pu Nature Education Center
    Ceremonial photo at Bang Pu Nature Education Center

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