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E: Environmental Management

Environmental Policy

The Nabtesco Group formulated the Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Action Plan in May 2005 to promote activities reflecting our strong sense of social responsibility and to help realize a sustainable society.

Nabtesco Group Environmental Philosophy/Environmental Action Plan

Nabtesco Group Environmental Philosophy

  • At all times, we acknowledge the impact of our business activities on the global environment; we strive to create products and an environment which are both people-friendly and nature-friendly; and we aim to achieve a future society which is enriched and comfortable.

Nabtesco Group Environmental Action Plan

  • We acknowledge that the preservation of the global environment is a crucial issue that is common to humankind. With participation by all employees, we will actively promote the establishment of targets which aim to improve the results of our environmental preservation activities, and we will actively promote initiatives for sustainable improvements.
  • We will strive to improve energy, resource and recycling efficiency during the planning, development and design stages of each product by understanding the impact on the environment throughout the life cycle of the product
  • We will strive to reduce the burden on the environment during the production, sales, distribution and servicing of each product by actively employing or engineering advanced environmental technology, such as for the conservation of energy, the effective use of resources and meeting the challenge of zero emissions.
  • We are committed to voluntary activities designed to realize environmental targets. We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations, as well as with social norms, and we will set independent control standards as necessary.
  • We will actively promote exchange and links with society, and strive to gain wider understanding and trust through such action as the disclosure of environment-related information and participation in social activities.

S: Society

Policies on Community and Society

The Nabtesco Group formulated the Corporate Philosophy and the Nabtesco Group Code of Corporate Ethics in 2005. In the Code of Corporate Ethics, our Group makes a pledge to conduct social contribution activities voluntarily as a corporate citizen, to respect local laws, regulations, culture and customs at each of our bases in Japan and overseas, and contribute to the development of local communities.

  • Policies on Community and Society
  • Policies on Community and Society
  • Policies on Community and Society

G: Gorvernance

Corporate Governance

  • Given the content and characteristics of business operations covered by our Group, we have adopted an executive officer system and an in-house company system as a means of expediting decision-making and clarifying the responsibility for executing certain business operations. As a means of controlling these systems, we have established corporate governance under which the Board of Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board/Board members, Accounting Auditors, and the Management Committee—an organization tasked with carrying out the deliberation of important issues relating to executing business operations— have been set up to clearly divide the functions of decision-making, the control and execution of business, and the monitoring and supervision of management.
  • Audit & Supervisory Board Member are supposed to attend a meeting sponsored by the Management Committee. This Committee will deliberate over important issues to be discussed at the Board of Directors and clarify focal points, before presenting these issues to the Board. The prior deliberations are meant to enhance the appropriateness and the efficiency of decision-making at the Board of Directors.
  • At present, our company's Board of Directors is composed of ten persons, including three outside directors. The articles of incorporation stipulate that board directors are not allowed to sit on the Board for more than one year, a rule designed to clarify the management responsibility of board directors. Furthermore, the company has set up the Nomination Committe and the Remuneration Committee, which serve as consultative bodies of the Board of Directors. That committee, consisting of three persons including two outside directors, is supposed to discuss the outline and operation of the policy regarding to the treatment of full-time directors and corporate officers and contribute to their reasonable setting.
  • The Board of Audit & Supervisory Board Member of our company is composed of five persons including three Audit & Supervisory Board Members (Independent). Moreover, the Board of Group Audit & Supervisory Board Member, whose members include Audit & Supervisory Board Member at Group companies, has been established as a way of strengthening auditing across the Group.
  • By improving and reinforcing this corporate governance system, we will speed up and maintain flexibility in business execution, as well as strengthen our overall corporate governance and clarify where responsibility lies. Thus, we will realize efficient and transparent business management, which is considered helpful in enhancing the corporate value of the Nabtesco Group, in the future.
  • Number of
    Outside Directors
    (As of Mar. 24, 2016)

    2persons / 10persons

  • Number of
    Audit & Supervisory Board Members (Independent)
    (As of Mar. 24, 2016)

    3persons / 5persons