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About Nabtesco

Corporate Brochure

Nabtesco has been continuing to achieve profitable growth with its motion control technology.
  • Nabtesco’s product lineup includes automatic doors and platform doors, which you often see in daily life, precision reduction gears used in industrial robots, which are now attracting attention as a key item for automation and labor saving, and Packaging machines for retort pouch foods. Nabtesco also delivers high-quality products and services to customers engaging in a range of businesses related to land, sea and air transportation.
  • Based on its competitive advantages established in niche markets, Nabtesco has been working to solve social issues through its multiple lines of business, thereby proactively contributing to the creation of a sustainable society. As a result, we have been able to achieve profitable growth in a stable manner, while delivering robust shareholder returns.
  • Nabtesco will continue to achieve profitable growth to realize “All Stakeholders’ Dreams.”

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Market Shares

No. 1 Products of Nabtesco

Nabtesco devotes a lot of its energies to the development of highly innovative products based on the company's strengths in both component technology and systems technology under the keywords "motion control." In addition, Nabtesco is further enhancing its strengths by maximizing the benefits of scale available in the Nabtesco group.
Nabtesco Corporation is advancing continually with its versatile strengths and long-term growth potential by gaining the No. 1 share of both domestic and world markets in various business domains covering air, land and marine applications

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Investor FAQs

Operation and Management

When is the fiscal year end of your company?
In 2015, Nabtesco changed its closing date of fiscal year from March 31 to December 31. Please check our "IR Calendar" for the schedule of announcement of financial results in the future.
I would like to know the financial results of your company. What kind of materials can you provide?
We provide a brief announcement of the most recent financial statement, financial statements, materials for financial results briefing, integrated report, and business reports. Please visit our "IR Library" to obtain them.
What kind of businesses do you operate and what kind of products do you supply?
Business areas of Nabtesco consist of "precision equipment", "transport equipment", "Aircraft and Hydraulic Equipment", and "industrial equipment". We provide various machines and equipment used anywhere on the globe: in the air, on the ground or at sea. Products include devices and equipment for aircrafts, railways, automobiles, and ships and vessels as well as equipment for automatic doors and industrial control. For more information, please refer to "Our Business"
What are your management strategy and forecasts?
Please refer to "Medium-Term Management Plan".

About Nabtesco

When was your company established?
Nabtesco Corporation was established on September 29, 2003 through the business consolidation of Teijin Seiki Co., Ltd. (TS Corporation from October 2003 to September 2004) and NABCO Ltd.
What is your corporate philosophy?
Our corporate philosophy is that "The Nabtesco Group, with our unique motion control technology, will provide safety, comfort and a sense of security in daily lives as well as any form of transportation". Please refer to "Corporate Philosophy"
How have you changed due to the business consolidation?
TS Corporation (former Teijin Seiki) and NABCO Ltd. were merged into Nabtesco on October 1, 2004, and Nabtesco shifted to become an operating holding company from a pure holding company. With this transition, the core businesses are operated in "in-house companies" where each aims to become No.1 in the world, thereby seeking highly independent management.
What are the locations of your domestic and overseas offices of group companies?
Please refer to our "Domestic Network" and "Global Network".

Stock Information

What is the issue code of Nabtesco? And what is the minimum trading unit of the shares?
The issue code of Nabtesco is 6268 (listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) and the minimum trading unit is 100 shares.
What is the current stock price of Nabtesco?
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Inquiries related to shareholder and investor information

TEL:+81-3-5213-1134 (Corporate Communication Department).