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CSR Message

Kazuaki Kotani Representative Director, Presidents and CEO, Nabtesco Corporation

Katsuhiro TERAMOTO
Representative Director,
Presidents and CEO,
Nabtesco Corporation

We proactively invest in initiatives aimed at resolving ESG issues to deliver greater value to society and increase our corporate value.

The Nabtesco Group will invest a certain amount of financial resources to fulfill one of our commitments pledged in the new Medium-Term Management Plan, “Focus on Solving ESG Issues,” thereby simultaneously delivering greater value to society and increasing our corporate value.

To address environmental challenges, in addition to constructing new environmentally conscious factories, we will install photovoltaic power generation systems and various other energy-saving facilities in existing factories. We will also endeavor to reduce CO2 emissions per unit of sales from our global operations, which have become increasingly active due to an increase in sales, while maintaining total CO2 emissions from operations in Japan at the FY2015 level.

To tackle social issues, we will focus on promoting human resource development and securing safe and comfortable workplace environments. Management will take the initiative in facilitating communication within the company, which is a prerequisite for reforming working styles and personnel systems. We strive to become a company in which employees are empowered to unleash their full potential.

To deal with governance issues, we established the Compliance Committee and Risk Management Committee in December 2016. Under the leadership of the Committees, we will make efforts to reinforce our operating foundations for the further expansion of our overseas operations.

We would like to ask for your kind assistance toward the Nabtesco Group, which has embarked on the path toward profitable growth in 2020 and beyond.