CSR Environment Policy

CSR Environment Policy

The Nabtesco Group formulated the Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Action Plan in May 2005 to promote activities reflecting our strong sense of social responsibility and to help realize a sustainable society.

Nabtesco Group Environmental Philosophy/Environmental Action Plan

  • Nabtesco Group Environmental Philosophy

    • At all times, we acknowledge the impact of our business activities on the global environment; we strive to create products and an environment which are both people-friendly and nature-friendly; and we aim to achieve a future society which is enriched and comfortable.
  • Nabtesco Group Environmental Action Plan

    • We acknowledge that the preservation of the global environment is a crucial issue that is common to humankind. With participation by all employees, we will actively promote the establishment of targets which aim to improve the results of our environmental preservation activities, and we will actively promote initiatives for sustainable improvements.
    • We will strive to improve energy, resource and recycling efficiency during the planning, development and design stages of each product by understanding the impact on the environment throughout the life cycle of the product.
    • We will strive to reduce the burden on the environment during the production, sales, distribution and servicing of each product by actively employing or engineering advanced environmental technology, such as for the conservation of energy, the effective use of resources and meeting the challenge of zero emissions.
    • We are committed to voluntary activities designed to realize environmental targets. We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations, as well as with social norms, and we will set independent control standards as necessary.
    • We will actively promote exchange and links with society, and strive to gain wider understanding and trust through such action as the disclosure of environment-related information and participation in social activities.

Striving for Harmony with Global Environment