No.1 Products of Nabtesco

(as of July, 2009)

Nabtesco devotes a lot of its energies to the development of highly innovative products based on the company's strengths in both component technology and systems technology under the keywords "motion control." In addition, Nabtesco is further enhancing its strengths by maximizing the benefits of scale available in the Nabtesco group.
Nabtesco Corporation is advancing continually with its versatile strengths and long-term growth potential by gaining the No. 1 share of both domestic and world markets in various business domains covering air, land and marine applications.

No.1 Share of the Robot Market

Nabtesco's precision equipment products are used throughout the world for the joints of industrial robots and other applications due to their compact size, lightweight, highly accurate positioning, high rigidity, high efficiency and other features that meet all the market needs. In the field of joints of industrial robots in particular, Nabtesco boasts the world’s largest share of approximately 60%.

No.1 Share of the High-Speed Bullet Train (Shinkansen) Market

Nabtesco's equipment for railway vehicles is being widely applied in high-speed bullet trains (Shinkansen), as well as in conventional railroad lines and new forms of transportation systems. Nabtesco maintains a dominant share for its transport equipment in the domestic market with approximately 50% for brake systems and approximately 70% for the door opening/closing equipment, and the company boasts the largest share of approximately 95% for the door opening/closing equipment for Japan's high-speed bullet trains (Shinkansen).

No.1 Share of the Bus and Truck Market

Nabtesco has won an approximately 70% share of the market for wedge chambers, an air brake actuator for commercial vehicles, and also an approximately 85% share for air dryers in the domestic market. The company is highly rated in the market for its long-standing achievements, as well as the safety and reliability of its products.

No.1 Share of the Large-Scale Ship Market

For remote control systems for 2-stroke marine diesel engines, Nabtesco has an approximately 60% domestic market share and an approximately 40% world market share. The company has also won a high reputation in this field for its versatile technical competence and after-sales services backed up by the three key establishments it has founded in Japan, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

No.1 Share of the Aircraft Market

For the flight control actuation systems designed to control the flight attitude of aircraft, Nabtesco has gained recognition as one of the world’s leading manufacturers. In addition, Nabtesco has a 100% market share for domestically-produced aircrafts.

No.1 Share of the Hydraulic Excavators Market

For traveling units for hydraulic excavators, Nabtesco has an approximately 30% world market share.

No.1 Share of the Automatic Door Market

For automatic doors for buildings, Nabtesco has an approximately 50% share of the domestic market* and the largest share in the world market, and Nabtesco's automatic doors have been adopted for major landmarks both at home and abroad.
*Among Japan Automatic Door Association member companies

No.1 Share of the Retort Pouch Food Market

Nabtesco is the world's first supplier of automatic filler/sealer for retort pouch foods and has an approximately 85% domestic market share. The application of this equipment is now being extended to shampoo and liquid detergent refills and other functional material products.